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1 min readAug 27, 2021


Cloud Rush:比特币 — 加密市场的领路者


Newer investors who are fresh and new to the blockchain may think that holding Bitcoin is the only way to get started with blockchain. For them, holding and holding with more amount of coins is the main consideration.


The dream of getting rich in Bitcoin can be accepted or valued a few years earlier. With the current decline in the amount of currency, and people’s demand for Bitcoin is still growing, the shortage of supply is the status quo of Bitcoin.


There was also news stated that 85,000 merchants in Switzerland are now ready for Bitcoin payments. In this way, the initial vision of Bitcoin as peer-to-peer electronic cash in the global payment circulation is close to being realized.

Cloud Rush为全球比特币矿工提供矿机设备、7*24小时专业运维托管服务,帮助用户挖掘比特币,成为比特币的持有者。

Cloud Rush provides mining equipment, 24/7 professional operation and maintenance hosting services for global bitcoin miners, helping users in mining bitcoins to become holders.

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