Cloud Rush: Bitcoin will be leading the future trend of cryptocurrency

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2 min readAug 27, 2021

Cloud Rush:比特币将引领加密货币未来趋势

Micro Strategy首席执行官Michael Saylor,曾发推表示:比特币是世界历史上增长最快、持有最广泛的金融资产。

Micro Strategy CEO Michael Saylor has shared a Twitter post saying that Bitcoin is the fastest growing and most widely held financial asset in the history of the world.


Regarding Bitcoin’s performance in the first and second quarters, a report analyzes several main factors driving Bitcoin’s multiple historical heights:

1. 比特币在交易所交易基金(ETF)上市,为机构和散户投资者引入了额外的投资工具。

2. 进入市场的机构投资者和上市公司购买比特币作为对冲通胀的资产(上市公司持有总供应的0.95%)。Coinbase的IPO和加密市场的普遍接受。

3. Visa、Mastercard、PayPal采用加密货币,并支持加密支付。

4. 比特币矿业的强势增长。

1. The listing of Bitcoin on an exchange-traded fund (ETF) introduces additional investment tools for institutional and retail investors.

2. Institutional investors and listed companies entering the market buy Bitcoin as an asset to hedge against inflation (listed companies hold 0.95% of the total supply). Coinbase’s IPO and general acceptance in the crypto market.

3. Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal use encrypted currencies and support encrypted payments.

4. The strong growth of Bitcoin mining.

比特币代币供应量仍然有限,只有2100万枚,面对日益增长的需求,比特币的价值也将发生巨大变化,甚至作为支付手段全球通用的愿景也将更快实现。Cloud Rush作为提供比特币算力设备的优质平台,愿意与全球的比特币用户携手,推动比特币的发展。

The supply of Bitcoin tokens is still limited to only 21 million. With increasing demand, the value of Bitcoin will also undergo tremendous changes, and even the global vision of being a payment method will be realized more quickly. As a high-quality platform that provides Bitcoin computing power equipment, Cloud Rush is willing to work with Bitcoin users around the world to promote the development of Bitcoin.

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