Cloud Rush-Filecoin has a great prospect and deserves to be deployed

Cloud Rush — Filecoin前景巨好,值得布局

据悉,Swarm BZZ 原计划于北京时间8月3号早上8点启动的挖矿被无限期延迟,前期空投的支票每张仅能兑换约 0.04 个 BZZ。

It is reported that the mining of Swarm BZZ which was originally scheduled to start at 8 am Beijing time on 3rd August has been delayed indefinitely. Each airdropped cheque in the previous period can only be exchanged for about 0.04 BZZ.

此消息一出,部分矿商计划将算力转移至 Filecoin。

There were miners planning to transfer their computing power to Filecoin as soon as the news was being released.

一部分矿商技术团队已与 Swarm 官方联系,官方透露正在修改挖矿经济模型,意欲提高矿工收益。部分资金雄厚的大矿商可以接受全额退款;另外,中小型矿商大多选择用 FIL 算力来代替 BZZ 算力,兑换标准普遍是1个 BZZ 节点换成1T满封装 FIL 算力。

There are technical teams have contacted the Swarm official, who revealed that they are revising the mining economic model and intend to increase miners income. Some well-funded miners are ready to accept full refunds; in addition, most of the small and medium-sized miners have chosen to use FIL computing power instead of BZZ computing power. The exchange standard is generally 1 BZZ node to 1T full package FIL computing power.


The blockchain project Swarm, which is also a storage track, was touted in the early stage. At present, mining is delayed indefinitely which drives some miners facing grieve. In contrast to Filecoin, ecological applications are continuing to improve, and distributed storage technology has also been applied in much scientific research, medical, and Internet technology fields and the prospects are bright.

Cloud Rush已全面布局Filecoin,助力IPFS与Filecoin生态建设,并提供Fil挖矿方案,用最优最高性价比的硬件配置、干净无尘的IDC机房环境、美国第二大数据中心托管、专业技术人员运维等,为客户带来省心省力安全有保障的Fil挖矿一站式解决方案。

Cloud Rush has fully deployed Filecoin to help the construction of the IPFS and Filecoin ecosystem. It also provides a Fil mining solution with the best and most cost-effective hardware configuration, and a clean and dust-free IDC room environment. It is also the second-largest data center in the United States for custody, with the professional and technical operation and maintenance, etc., to provide customers with a one-stop Fil mining solution that saves worry, effort, safety, and security.



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