Cloud Rush — For digital reform, blockchain is the key!

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2 min readAug 25, 2021

Cloud Rush — 数字化改革,区块链是关键!


The concept of blockchain has only been given attention to in the past two years and has been widely used in different fields. As an important part of the new generation of information technology, it is an application mode that integrates multiple technologies such as distributed storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, and encryption algorithm. It also solves the trust and security issues in cyberspace through the characteristics of data transparency, resistance to tampering, and traceability, and promotes the transformation of the Internet from transmitting information to value, and reconstructing the information industry system.

Cloud Rush


The integration of blockchain + finance, medical care, big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet, and other fields is an important research direction in the digital age. The development of blockchain does not happen in one move. Nowadays, single-point blockchain technology can hardly drive the development of the industry. To create a new and valuable market, it is necessary to combine other advanced technologies to achieve reforms. This is the trend of the times.

目前已有不少科技公司将先进的技术与区块链相结合,其中大数据、超级计算、人工智能、互联网已有用例落地。Cloud Rush明确自身发展,结合AI人工智能和区块链技术,致力于打造一个全球化的超级算力中心,这助力企业共同推动数字化时代的发展进程。

At present, many technology companies have combined advanced technology with blockchain. Among them, big data, supercomputing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet have already implemented use cases. Cloud Rush clarifies its own development and combines AI artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to build a global super computing center. This helps companies to jointly promote the development process of the digital age.

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