Cloud Rush takes advantage of the new trend of blockchain

Cloud-Rush Cyxtera
2 min readAug 25, 2021

Cloud Rush,顺势乘上区块链新风口


“What else can do besides speculating coins?” This had became a hot topic among enterprises, users, and between enterprises and users during 2018. People don’t see any other options in the blockchain industry besides speculating coins.


Subsequently, the blockchain circle was split into three different layers: currency circle, mining circle, and chain circle. Each circle is independent but interconnected, and develops in a more comprehensive direction based on blockchain technology.

Cloud Rush


Bitcoin suffered massive losses after it climbed high in 2021. The cryptocurrency market showed signs of decline, and the chain and mining circles began to attack. With the rise of NFT and DeFi projects, there are countless NFT and DeFi projects on the Binance Smart Chain. After China cracked down on Bitcoin mining, the mining market has become like high-rise buildings in overseas countries. Many countries have also formulated relevant policies to welcome miners to settle in.


Now the currency circle market is picking up, and chain circle projects are under continuous development. The mining circle has gradually expanded following market changes. Investors who plan ahead have already taken the lead in this round of turmoil and reap the first dividends.

Cloud Rush站在区块链的风口,抓住机遇勇敢探索,布局矿业,并致力于用AI人工智能和区块链技术打造全球最大的算力中心,让价值回归从而实现区块链的改造。

Cloud Rush stands at the windward of the blockchain and seizes the opportunity to bravely explore and deploy in the mining industry, and is committed to using AI artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to build the world’s largest computing power center. It allows value to return to realize the transformation of the blockchain.

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