Cloud Rush: The demand for Bitcoin is still growing

Cloud-Rush Cyxtera
2 min readAug 27, 2021

Cloud Rush:比特币的需求依旧在不断增长


According to a report released by CoinGecko, Bitcoin’s price return rate in the first quarter of this year was 103%, and it has repeatedly set record highs.


In addition,’s latest research report on measuring global crypto users has data recorded that the number of Bitcoin users increased from 143 million at the end of April to 221 million in June.


These data show that Bitcoin has influenced the world, and the number of users is not slowing down or stopping at the current, but is growing strongly. Some experts have predicted that the number of Bitcoin users will increase by 525% to 200 million+ by 2024, but it actually took only two months for the number of global users to exceed 200 million.


There are many investors are actively deploying on Bitcoin, including some well-known venture capital companies, miners, and capitalists. The way ordinary users hold Bitcoin comes from exchange trading and mining. Among them, Bitcoin mining is the most widely distributed and most selected method.

Cloud Rush作为美国大型的优质算力设备提供商,将帮助全球用户布局比特币矿业,为客户带来一个安全、稳定、高效的Bitcoin挖矿环境。

As a large-scale of high-quality computing equipment provider in the United States, Cloud Rush is helping global users in deploying Bitcoin mining, bringing customers a safe, stable, and efficient Bitcoin mining environment.

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