Cloud Rush: The effective computing power of the Filecoin network breaks through 9.37EiB

Cloud-Rush Cyxtera
1 min readAug 27, 2021


Cloud Rush:Filecoin网络全网有效算力突破9.37EiB


According to the latest Filfox browser data, the effective computing power of the Filecoin network is 9.371 EiB. With the continuous improvement and advancement of the Filecoin ecosystem, the total storage capacity and effective computing power of the entire network are increasing significantly.


The current Filecoin network block height is 1037896, the total pledge amount is about 102.72 million FIL, the number of active miners is 2991, the reward per block is 24.3215FIL, the output in the past 24 hours is 347056FIL, and the average 24-hour mining income is 0.0355FIL/TiB, the current FIL circulation is 160788263.


In addition, according to the official release rules by Filecoin in previous, the Fil token will usher in the second reduction of production on October 15, 2021. It may have a larger fluctuation, which is good for the trend.

目前,Cloud Rush已全面布局Filecoin,联合美国第二大数据中心Cyxtera,为客户提供安全、高效、高性价比、最优配置的Filecoin挖矿方案,并提供设备托管、7*24小时运维服务,让全球用户体验无忧挖矿。

At present, Cloud Rush has fully deployed Filecoin and combined with Cyxtera, the second- largest data center in the United States, to provide customers with safe, efficient, cost-effective, and optimally configured Filecoin mining solutions, as well as equipment custody and 24/7 operation and maintenance services, to provide users a hassle-free mining experience.