Cloud Rush: The future crypto market will be multi-chain

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2 min readAug 27, 2021

Cloud Rush:未来的加密市场将是多链的


The future encryption market will be multi-chain, multi-chain parallel, multi-chain and multi-consensus operation mode, which able to solve the problem of high cost, low efficiency and restriction in the single-chain environment. The development of a single chain can only be developed horizontally or vertically. Applications based on this public chain can interact, but the cost is relatively high and the audience users can only be on this chain.


Multi-chain or cross-chain means that chains are connectable, shareable, and interactable with each other, which is scalable and efficient, and only requires one entry. All applications and users on the chain can share the ecology. For example, Polkadot can communicate with the Ethereum ecosystem.

Cloud Rush: The future crypto market will be multi-chain


Therefore, the multi-chain nature of the project is regarded as the future of blockchain technology. Projects that achieve interoperability and free flow of liquidity within several blockchains will continue to grow and gain more users.

Cloud Rush支持多链发展,不断提升和扩大加密市场的互通性和操作性。Cloud Rush将致力于用AI人工只能和区块链技术,提供公链底层的搭建、区块链项目孵化、优质算力设备、矿机研发等相关业务,助力加密市场的发展。

Cloud Rush supports multi-chain development to continuously improve and expand the interoperability and operability of the encryption market. Cloud Rush will be committed to using AI artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to provide related services such as the construction of the bottom of the public chain, the incubation of blockchain projects, the development of high-quality computing power equipment and mining machines, in order to help the development of the encryption market.

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