TikTok joins the IPFS&Filecoin ecological family,Cloud Rush actively deploys distributed storage

Cloud-Rush Cyxtera
2 min readAug 27, 2021


TikTok加入IPFS&Filecoin生态大家族,Cloud Rush积极布局分布式存储

据《滚石》杂志报道,音乐共享协议Audius成为与TikTok合作的首批流媒体平台之一。Audius已与TikTok达成合作,并创建了一项名为“TikTok Sounds”的新功能,它允许用户直接将歌曲分享到这款流行应用进行高效的数据分发。

According to “Rock Roll” magazine, the music sharing agreement Audius became one of the first streaming media platforms to cooperate with TikTok. Audius has reached a cooperation with TikTok and created a new feature called “TikTok Sounds”, which allows users to directly share songs to this popular application for efficient data distribution.


Audius is a music playback platform based on blockchain technology. It uses blockchain technology and IPFS as the core distributed storage component. By solving the problems of centralization and transparency, it returns control and creativity to artists.


IPFS brings all the benefits of distributed storage to TikTok without any hassle. Through the content addressing function, TikTok can easily use established business solutions to manage millions of unique content.

TikTok 选择 Audius为其新的“TikTok Sounds”库提供动力,这是 TikTok 的首创,旨在简化该应用程序的音乐上传和选择过程。

TikTok chose Audius to power its new “TikTok Sounds” library. This is the first of TikTok, which aims to simplify the music upload and selection process of the application.

Cloud Rush一直致力于IPFS&Filecoin生态发展,提供专业的Filecoin存储服务器,通过节点服务器、Miner服务器、证明服务器、加速服务器、存储服务器等多集群架构的方式,深度优化存储流程,助力Filecoin打造一个完善的分布式存储平台。

Cloud Rush has been committed to the development of the IPFS&Filecoin ecosystem to provide professional Filecoin storage servers. The node server, miner server, proof server, acceleration server, storage server, and other multi-cluster architectures are able to deeply optimize the storage process and helping Filecoin building a complete distributed storage platform.

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